What Fashion Rules Should We Feel Free to Break?

Fashions are constantly evolving. While there are some constants, such as the definition of a dress, the rules are constantly being redefined. Recent fashion trends have included slimming down to being larger than life, being covered in tattoos, mixing sports with streetwear, dresses longer than knee-highs, and dressing up in tutus.

For the uninitiated, there are always rules-sometimes stiflingly so. There are rules about what to wear, what to eat, what to buy, what to do, how to look, where to go, what to listen to, what to watch. And every once in a while, someone finds a way to break one of these rules.

Fashion rules are meant to be broken. Sometimes they are broken because of what is popular, sometimes they are broken because of what’s expected, but more often, they are broken because of what is stylish. So if you want to rock that bucket hat (which, like those seen at https://serp.co/best/bucket-hat/ has become hot streetwear in recent times) then go right ahead!

You should feel free to break certain fashion rules in your wardrobe, whether you’re a designer or in the fashion industry. And if you’re not in the fashion industry, don’t worry-you can still break many fashion rules without getting any flack. And yes, if you’re not following fashion rules for your body type, you can break fashion rules for your body type, even if you’re not in the fashion industry. Sometimes breaking these fashion rules could be doing something simple as buying some possibly unfashionable men’s compression socks to wear for comfort. Whilst not daring these are an essential item of clothing for some that could be seen as unwearable in public. But those who need to wear them should try the socks in public to feel free from the usual fashion rules.

The clothes we wear say a lot about us. The clothes we wear dictate what we think of ourselves-and how others see us. We give away more than we notice-whether wearing red high heels or black pants with a white shirt. But what are the fashion rules we should feel free to break? This is not about how to dress, but more about how to feel about yourself by wearing what you want.

“Dress according to your age.”

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are starting in fashion is dressing according to age. People tend to buy clothes that are fashionable for the group they are in. For example, if you are in your twenties, you can wear clothes that are trendy in your age group, like casual jeans, tees, and sneakers. Whereas, if you are in your thirties, you can wear things that are trendy in the fashion world, like high-end designer clothes, expensive shoes, and accessories.

“Never wear socks with sandals.”

The idea of wearing socks with sandals might seem odd, but it can be really helpful. After all, the human foot is an exquisitely sensitive part of the body, and the toes are the only part of us that can feel the temperature of the ground. While wearing socks with sandals may seem like an insignificant habit, it can greatly increase your comfort when walking around in the heat or direct sunlight.

The allure of bare feet is undeniable. The feeling of the earth beneath your toes, the breeze, the cool, moist air…what’s not to like? But…there’s a problem. There’s a reason the world’s most civilized people wear footwear. It’s not just because they’re civilized. It’s because there are great benefits to wearing socks with sandals.

“Khakis are for dads.”

Khakis have been a staple of menswear since the 19th century. But have you ever wondered why khakis are worn by only men? Even though the first men’s outfit to include a pair of khakis was worn by a young boy, a young girl on a swing, and an old man on a porch, one thing is for certain: khakis aren’t only worn by men.

Khakis go with everything, and there’s something clean and simple about them. They’re also comfortable, and you can pull them up or roll them down for different occasions. You can wear them with a nice shirt and tie or a T-shirt and jeans-depending on how informal you want to keep things. Khakis can also get more interesting by adding a belt and some good shoes. There’s no right or wrong way to wear khakis unless you’re in a place that requires them to be worn with a tie.

Khakis are the quintessential American article of clothing: they offer a classic and timeless look and can be worn on almost any occasion and with any outfit.

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