We all love to explore, to find a place that is all our own out there in the world. But what happens when it comes time to make that place your home?

Welcome to Somewhere Else, where I share my tips and tricks to achieve just that. Life has been strange for me, but I don’t think I can complain. It’s made everything unique and, honestly, I feel very lucky about my experiences!

I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s dial back to the introductions. My name is Nuru Bello, and I’m a former digital nomad turned settler in the US. Originally from Ghana, I have spent much of my life traveling the globe, but have since settled down in a strange place I never would have expected. I work as a freelance accountant, having earned my accreditation here in the States, and enjoy flower arrangements and hiking in my free time.

I also spend a lot of time with my cat, a little stray I nursed back to health that had me staying where I am for a while longer than I thought. Long enough to settle down. His name is Brey, and he’s a darling if a little needy at times. But such is the nature of cats. I was never a cat person growing up, but now I suppose I am one. Or, I am for him.

I originally came to the US on an internship and had planned to return home to Ghana when it was done. However, getting an animal across borders is a complicated matter, and as time went on I realized I wouldn’t be able to simply rehome Brey. So I decided to stay, which worked out quite well. I am now a citizen of the US, and while I still travel I do see this country as my home nowadays.

So, the name of the site comes from that sentiment. I love Ghana still. But I am Somewhere Else. And home can be made anywhere, as long as we put our hearts to it. I have made where I am a home for myself and Brey, and am proud of the life I lead. I want people to have the freedom to explore and to make home anywhere, so I plan to share everything I can to help.

We all have wandering spirits, but sometimes home is made in strange places. But that’s fine. Nothing is set in stone, and we must all always learn and keep adapting to the changing times to better ourselves.

As of now, my goals are to expand my business, perhaps moving from a one person show to something bigger. Time will tell how it goes. In the meantime, I will be writing here in my free time!