Ways to Protect Your Roof from Damage

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There are several ways to protect a roof from damage. We need to have a material on our roof that is weather-resistant, the shape of it should deflect bad weather, and it should be constructed to a high standard. This article will consider how we make all three of these possible and so can protect our property from a bad storm.

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Weather-Resistant Materials for Roofs

In warm climates, the best roofing materials to go for are clay, metal, rubber, or slate shingles. This is when you consider it the right time for a roof replacement or are looking to put a roof on the house you are building.

Cold climates can be catered for by slate, metal, or clay tiles as they are durable in all conditions. Heavy snow will be dealt with most effectively by a metal roof. It will easily shed the snow and will only rarely spring a leak. Asphalt shingles can also cope with harsh winters and will cost less to repair than either wood or slate shingles.

Slate is ideal because it is impervious to weather conditions that involve sun, heat, and cold. Metal roofs perform well when the temperatures are extreme.

Roofing materials that last the longest in all weathers are slate, clay, or concrete. These materials will outperform the other natural products that could be used such as wood shakes, and the manufactured ones such as metal roofing and asphalt shingles. The latter is the cheapest option for roofs and still offers much protection against the weather. They just have less longevity.

When dealing with the sun, reflective roof surfaces play their part. Heat is something that can be deflected.


Roof Shape to Deflect Bad Weather

Downward slopes put us on an upward slope when it comes to the roof protecting our home from adverse weather conditions. The greater the slope of a pitched roof, the greater protection it offers from the weather when it is raining heavily, sleeting, or snowing. The excess water or snow will drain off your roof faster and so not have time to cause damage from being allowed to pool and then seep inside your home. Also, a regular roof tile check by a roofing contractor will prevent seepage of water as much as it improves insulation and stops heat loss.

For maximum wind protection, you will want to consider a hip roof. It has four slopes that are normally pitched at 30 degrees. The idea is that the greater number of slopes will handle the high winds better. So, based on that principle, any slopes in addition to the two you have with a two-slope gable roof can only make your home more resistant to wind damage in the event of a ferocious storm.


Quality of Workmanship

It is important, too, that you have the very best fitter for your roof so that it effectively performs its role in protecting the contents of your home. Hiring a professional firm of roofers will ensure the highest standards are met in terms of workmanship. This will mean that your roof tiles or shingles are fitted without gaps and stay on your roof. This will result in a leakproof roof and allow it to assist with insulation. The trick is to keep the rain out and stop heat from escaping. This keeps your insurance company happy and ensures lower fuel bills. Also, better energy efficiency when thinking of the environment.


To conclude, we can protect our home by choosing the materials that suit our climate, by shaping our roof to deflect rain and wind, and by hiring professional roofing contracts to make sure that we are not solely relying on the roof’s design. It is as important to have the roof constructed correctly to make sure that it is water-tight and resistant to all kinds of weather.

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