Comfy Quarantine Fashion Statement

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For all those concerts, those prom nights, those basketball events, cheerleading competitions, and for that hangout that you missed this year due to pandemic, say goodbye to them and hello to these comfy quarantine fashion statements! Spending your entire year inside your home due to a pandemic is way too uncomfortable, makes you lack motivation, makes you lazy, and makes you do a lot of crazy things online just to prevent boredom.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, different trends and platforms have arisen to entertain all of us. You can’t deny it. Even if you have been hooked by these trends that invited you to have fun, I bet your fashion statements during the quarantine were upheld.

If you want more fun during this quarantine, here are some of the trendy yet comfy quarantine fashion styles to look at:

  • Tie-Dye Tees/Corpo


Everything now comes in technicolor as it comforts the kid at heart within us. This fashion style was first talked about online when Rihanna and Hailey Bieber were spotted wearing these cool nostalgic tees.

  • TikTok Leggings


Are you ready to pop, lock, and Tok? If yes, these leggings are one of Tik Tok users’ trendy fashion statements all around the globe. Ladies just love buying and wearing these leggings on their Tik Tok videos, and they aren’t needing to buy TikTok likes in order for their content to be seen. Why? Oh, you will know why. It is evident that Tik Tok is certainly having an impact on what people are buying, so it is no wonder that those who are using the platform are looking to resources like so they can bring up their likes and follows to help with gaining more visibility and traffic online. Who knows what item of clothing will be Tik Tok official next, and which business will skyrocket because of it!

  • Zoom Fashion


Pandemics are no excuse for education, business, work, and any other professional agendas. I bet that even you are always in a rush to prepare yourself for that zoom meeting. Or maybe you even have a struggle thinking of the best outfit to wear for that zoom call. If that’s the case, I want to tell you that what you wear does not matter, for as long as it makes you comfortable. During quarantine, I received a lot of calls from schools and at work, but it didn’t hinder me from wearing appropriate clothes while seizing the comfort of my home.

Just like the picture above, it shows that you can still wear appropriate clothes on top and still wear your favorite pajamas down below. The reasons to remove our silk pajamas (or pyjama soie as they are known in France!) are getting weaker and weaker each day. It does not matter what you wear down there. What matters is what they see in you up there!

  • Activewear

Source: @lenaterlutter via Instagram

As different quarantine statements arose, sportswear such as yoga pants, sweat pants, and shirts was never forgotten. These clothes are mostly worn during this pandemic era because of the comfort that they provide and of course, who wouldn’t like to do exercise on their long vacay? If you’re looking to update your quarantine wardrobe or are preparing yourself for the re-opening of gyms with a set of new tracksuits for women, then get ahead of the game and get ordering!

  • Flaunt those Knits


Who wouldn’t like to wear these comfy knits during a home vacation? This comfortable knitted cardigan is flaunted not only during this time but even way back!

These knits are way too comforting, and you can wear them outside for some errands, any casual occasions, and even in the comfort of your home while quarantining and doing that Netflix and chill.
Not just at home, they can be your companion during a vacay too. Imagine yourself on a Hawaiian island, sailing on the beautiful seawater and the cool breeze touches your skin through the pores of your knit; won’t it be a soothing feel? Then you can definitely save some of your knits for your post-pandemic vacation. Don’t forget to hire a boat (maybe through when actually visiting Hawaii to experience the same feeling you just imagined. Imaginations do come true, girl! Let’s come back to reality for now and check other pandemic wears.

  • Yes to Pajamas

Source: summersault

Only wearing those favorite pajamas of yours when sleeping? Well, not anymore, thanks to quarantine! For the first time in history, I see a lot of family and peers all around the globe wearing their pajamas while celebrating their Christmas eve and even New Year’s eve!

This concept was initially made because families aren’t even allowed to spend Christmas outside, so why the hustle to wear glam clothes to flex? Pajamas are way too more classy to flaunt, and you can just sleep automatically after the blast!

  • A Must Mask


There is no doubt for us that wearing a must is already an adapted fashion during this quarantine season. Starting from the production of surgical masks such as disposable masks, KN95 masks, and other masks that we normally use.

As the demand for masks during quarantine rises, the demand for different styles and designs of face masks has risen as well. Many celebrities and business entrepreneurs are now wearing and producing their brand of face masks!

To conclude, whatever we wear, and in whatever situation, we should always feel comfortable.

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